Need help on making a 771 modded Xeon stable

Hello guys!
So i've had my xeon x5460 on my p5q deluxe for a while now.
I am running it on 4ghz stable since the day it arrived in the mail. Its running on 1.25v, and it was stable on prime95 for more than 4hours.
So i wanted to get some more performance out of it, and i overclocked it at 4.3ghz. But i cant manage to get it stable. When running 4.3ghz, my csgo might crash at random points. Actually not even crash. It just closes. Sometimes i get a bsod ( pfn_list_corrupt ) while casually browsing with chrome.
The vcore is surelly not the issue. My guess is that, if it runs 4ghz on 1.25volts stable, it wont need a big increase to run 4.3ghz. I tested it with 1.37v just to be sure, and it made no difference. I am now running on 1.34v, just to be on the safer side(as i said, it doesnt make any difference).
Any advice would be appreciated.
I've also tested, and rulled out northbridge voltage( tried 1.4v ) and southbridge( tried 1.3v ).
I've also tried to run with only one dimm instead of 4.
My specs are: Xeon X5460 E0, Asus P5Q Deluxe, Crucial 800Mhz 2GB dimms(4 of them).
Here are some pics of my settings.
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  1. i feel so stupid right now.
    it was the vcore. seems like it's stable on 1.42volts(atleast for now). it used to crash a couple on minutes of prime95. its been 20minutes and its still going strong.
    although i wont run it like this. 1.42volts is waaay outside of my comfort zone
    sorry for posting without making enough research guys...
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  2. It's a $15 CPU buy a spare.
    As long as your temperatures are good I vote to let the smoke out of it!
    I actually turn off one Prime95 and run 3 threads. This stresses the CPU 75-80% and works for Firestrike and Heaven benchmarks. You coulld get a more realistic voltage that way. I never had any crashes running Benchmarks using that setting.
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