How better is 3.8ghz from 3.1/3.4 (ryzen 3 1200)

How much more performance will i see from overclocking the ryzen 3 1200 3.1/3.4 to 3.8? Or should i get the r3 1300x instead? I will be using a gtx 1050ti. 8gb ram and 60hz 1080p monitor. Thanks
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  1. Get 1200 and overclock it, it's the same as 1300x. 3.8 GHz is better of course, by how much is dependent on your game/application and the rest of the PC.
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  2. if you want to overclock go for the r1200 but if not go for the r1300x

    and in the performance difference you will be seeing solid proofs in the benchmarks in youtube
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  3. A stock 1200 will have no issue driving a 1050ti anyway.

    By all means overclock if you like but there is no real reason to if you're running a 60htz screen.
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