Frequent Blue Screens with different error code everytime

From last 6 days i'm getting frequent blue screens (23 time to be exact) with different error messages every time. Its a hp laptop with following config
CPU - i5-2410M 2.3Ghz
Ram - 4 GB
GPU - Radeon HD6490M
Reltek Wifi card
OS - Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64-bit

I have checked hard disk and ram by hp diagnostic utility in bios and both of them passed the test. I have also changed the ram with another one but the problem remains the same.
Then i thought that the problem is with wifi card so i uninstalled the drivers and removed the wifi card but problem remains the same

I don't think the problem is with graphic chip/ card because it works fine in safe mode, and i also played the the game to see whether it survives or not, but it survived. No crash, no bluescreen, nothing.
Well all these are my guesses.
I have also formatted the hard disk and clean installed windows but the problem remains the same.

List of error message -

Here's the link to .dmp files

One thing which is wierd is, my browsers (all 3 - IE, Chrome and Firefox) crashes / close automatically every now and then and the reopens. this is also happening from the day bluescreens started coming

Thanks for the help..
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    The problem was solved when i replaced the ram with the new one

    But somehow the faulty ram was also passing the memory test, because of which i thought that the problem is not with the ram and something else is faulty.

    One thing which i learnt in all this is, if you are getting bluescreen with specific error then problem can be with ram (most probably) or with any other part (which you can find out by looking at the error), but you are getting random error (different errors every time) then 100% its because of ram.

    Change it with the new one and you'll be good to go.

    Hope this helps someone
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