Asus H81M-CS compatibility with Intex Techno 450 PSU and cpu over voltage error

Some context

Below is the rig I currently have

Motherboard: Asus H81M-CS
Processor: i5-4440 3.1Ghz
Ram: Kingston hyperx fb-dimm
SSD: Kingston SSDNow 300 (128GB)
Graphics Card: GTX 750Ti
PSU: iBall zps290

I also had a Netgear router that connected to the desktop. There was one main LAN cable that came from the ISP and another that connected the desktop to the router. Recently some power lines came in contact with the ISP Lan cable, making it a Line wire that destroyed everything in its way. The ISP bus mounted nearby exploded and so did my router. Before dying, my router passed on some of the surge to the motherboard which damaged it along with the keyboard and mouse as the USB ports were just near the LAN port.

The router itself along with my UPS were both connected to the same spike guard. The router I think shorted the spike guard too along with a tripper (something like a fuse) in my apartment. So to summarize, the ISP Lan became a high voltage wire, destroyed my router, but a few seconds after the router had passed on the surge to my motherboard via LAN and also the spike guard it was connected to. This went on to the mains of my house.

I wasn't very sure as to how much damage the desktop had taken, I was only sure that the MoBo is gone and so has my keyboard and mouse. As it's been under warranty I took it to the service center. The service center asked me to retain the CPU and 1 RAM stick when handing it over to them so they could validate if the CPU or RAM were causing any problems as well.

I just got it back today, at the center they connected it to a monitor and showed the BIOS load confirming the new mobo was fine. I also asked them to reconnect it to my cabinet and other components as I did not want to void the warranty. After this, the guy also removed the heatsink to show me that my original CPU was intact.

Satisfied I headed home and connected it. It said "new CPU detected" I got into setup, loaded the default settings and continued to boot. It proceeded to boot, but after a few seconds restarted. This time I got a "CPU over voltage error".

I looked up this forum and found multiple questions regarding the same issue. So far I've tried resetting the BIOS, loading the defaults again but hasn't helped. One of the suggestions, however, said that the PSU could be a problem. I have a spare PSU and was thinking of using it to test.

The Question

My current PSU has the below mentioned on it

AC Input
230V AC50/60Hz

DC Output:
+3.3V || 5A
+5V || 8A
+12V || 11A
+5VSB || 2A
-12V || 0.5A
PW-OK || P.G.

The spare PSU has this

AC Input
220V 4A/50Hz

+5v || 29A
+12v || 18A
+3.3V || 30A
-12V || 0.5A
+5VSB || 2A

Both seem to have 20+4pins

I see a huge difference in the Amperes mentioned on my spare PSU. Moreover, it's on the higher side. I have no idea about how volts and amperes work, and what exactly these numbers mean. However, from the little understanding I have, this is making me feel very skeptical especially when the error is about the higher voltage being sent to the CPU.

So the question is
1. Is it perfectly safe to go ahead and test this PSU
2. What else can be done to solve the CPU over voltage error error
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  1. iball and intex are both very poor quality power supplies.
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  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    iball and intex are both very poor quality power supplies.

    I'm learning this the hard way, however, right now it's what I'm stuck with. For diagnostics and just to figure out if it's the PSU causing the issue, is it safe to go ahead and plug in the Intex PSU
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  3. Best answer
    Intex is horrible quality I wouldn't run it.
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