i7-7700k overlocking, cant get over 5 ghz!

Hello all, I have been toying around with my 7700k the last few days seeing what she could do. I have managed to get to 5.0ghz but can not get anything over that. I am very stable at 1.325 vcore max temp under full prime95 stress test was 78 so I feel like I have some room to spare, but just can not get anything over that. I have tried 51 ratio and juicing that vcore all the way to 1.38 and it will boot to windows and seems fine and stable but fails every stress test. I have only been overclocking using the core ratio, should I try increasing the base clock? Or should I just call it good with what I have? Any help would be appreciated.
System specs
nzxt kraken x62
gskill tridenz 3200 MHz
evga 850 g2
msi gtx 1070 gaming x sli
Asus prime z270-A
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  1. There is more to it than just temperature... there is a physical limit to the silicon. Have you heard of anyone going over 5.0 GHz with any Intel processor?
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  2. 5GHZ is a good overclock for that CPU. It may be possible to squeeze more out but my guess is your getting close to you CPU ceiling (without going extreme cooling). I can only assuming your water cooling with those temps/speed/voltages. If not I am duly impressed. I guess my question to you is how linear has the clock speed increase been compared to voltage? Did you have have to crank the voltage more to hit 5ghz compared to 4.9/4.8/4.7/etc or were the increases all fairly even and incremental?
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  3. Here is overclocking statistic from other users
    For stable overclock to 5.1 you need around 1.380-1.420v so you could try it first, just make sure your temperature doesnt exceed 85C for daily use after you are done.
    Most people will delid their CPU for going past 5.0GHZ or build a custom water loop. So 5GHZ is decent overclock @ 1.325v leave it and enjoy.
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  4. I would guess that you are near the limit. Apart from using liquid nitrogen to super cool the processor, there are few other options.
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  5. neiler0847 said:
    There is more to it than just temperature... there is a physical limit to the silicon. Have you heard of anyone going over 5.0 GHz with any Intel processor?

    i have heard of a few but they are rare. No doubt the OP has a good chip though. 5GHZ isn't guaranteed with any K chip. Seen some less fortunate folks top out at 4.7ghz-4.8ghz. Point being i wouldn't expect anything more then 5.1ghz without going to LN2.
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  6. neiler0847 said:
    There is more to it than just temperature... there is a physical limit to the silicon. Have you heard of anyone going over 5.0 GHz with any Intel processor?

    Yeah actually I frequent forums and see people get 5.1 and 5.2, thought maybe I could be a lucky one
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  7. ^ that's why I was asking about your voltage scaling. It's not super common but some folks have hit 5+ghz.
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  8. I got to 5 very easily, at stock my voltage was set to adaptive, and at some points it was using 1.4 just to boost to 4.5. I went in and manually set it to 1.3 and got all the way to 49 ratio, and only had to adjust the vcore to get to 50 ratio. I guess I do have a pretty good chip and shouldn't be disappointed, for some reason I am though :(
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  9. as said yes people can get over 5ghz

    but its not guaranteed you will get a chip that even reaches 5ghz

    my old 2600k 5 or 6 years ago now could break 5ghz lol

    my current 7700k will too

    but personally i dont see the point of the added voltage i need just to get to 5.1ghz

    there always comes a point of diminishing return

    ie--too much more vcore is needed just to squeeze the last few mhz out

    congratulations on getting 5ghz yeah its not noticably faster than 4.9ghz but its none the less a good feeling to do the 5ghz mark
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  10. The primary limitation is your luck in getting a good chip.
    You see wonderful numbers posted by those who got good chips.
    Those with dogs are silent.
    Silicon lottery bins chips and sells the better ones for a price premium.
    As of 6/9/17
    What percent can get an overclock at a somewhat sane 1.4v Vcore.

    4.9 83%
    5.0 62%
    5.1 29%
    5.2 6%
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    I might check your lowest stable voltages for both 4.9ghz and 4.8ghz with your 5ghz ...if you want to be uber precise 4.7ghz as well. Go old school and plot it on a graph voltage/frequency. If you are still pretty linear with out a steep increase it may be worth your time to hone in on 5.1ghz. If you get a steep rise in voltage though then you most likely stuck at 5ghz (still not bad at all). I know it is easy to be disappointed in a chip's OC. We all hope to get that 1%. In the end you should be happy your not one of the 4.7-.8 ghz silicon losers.
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  12. Thanks for all the quick responses everyone! Hopefully one day if I have a "real" problem you will all be there for me lol. I believe I will try what atomicWAR has just suggested. Should be a pretty fun evening for me. I will post back with all my results!
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