Gtx 1050 ti randomly stopped working

I was using my computer last night and left it for a bit. It when I came back the screen was black, which is normally what it will do after being left awhile so I went to bed. Woke up this morning and tried to wake it up but still no display after double and triple checking my monitor and hdmi cables I opens up my pc to see the fans on my GPU not spinning which was weird because it had been running for 20 hours straight. And I was going to turn it off and just try taking it out and putting it back in but now my computer won't respond to a hard shutdown I held the power button for 30 seconds and it did not turn off. I did not do anything different than I usually do to cause this that I can think of either
My specs are
Msi 970 motherboard (no on board graphics)
Gtx 1050 ti
2 tb storage
AMD FX-6300 processor
3 sticks of 8GB ddr3 ram
520W 80+ power supply

Much thanks
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  1. It was the PCIE port not the GPU
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