Deepcool Assassin 2 a good deal for $59?

Is it worth going from the 212 evo to the deepcool assassin 2 for my overclocked Ryzen 1600? My cpu is running at 4.0 ghz at 1.384 volts. When is was cooler out it would sit at 68c when stress testing. But now it gets 75c+ at times when just gaming, at idle its around 40c. I just got a second fan for my 212 evo, I haven't put it on yet though. AIO's leaking kinda freak me out so I have been looking at large air coolers lately. I know the big noctua coolers are a little better but for $59 the deepcool assassin 2 is a great deal. I wanted to use you guys/girls as a sounding board to see what you thought.
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    I wouldnt bother, of course Deepcool cooler looks bigger and better but not worth the money. Also 75C is totally fine and up to 85C is acceptable for 24/7, so if temperature doesnt go as high as 85C dont worry about it.
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