i5 7600k running hot

I've set my i5 7600k paired with a Corsair H60 to 4.3 GHz and 1.250V because it seems it can only reach those numbers.I get very high temperatures of 80-85 degrees while gaming.Why does this happen??
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    The H60 isn't exactly a great AIO for high overclocks. You'll want something like a 240mm radiator to really push your overclocking.

    However something does seem a miss, the H60 shouldn't be that bad at a 1.25vcore. Have you tried reapplying thermal paste? Is your radiator fan spinning at high RPMs?
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  2. SYSFANIN:1453 RPM
    AUXFANIN3:1213 RPM
    I don't know how many RPMs are considered high but here are they.
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