New Build - Stuttering while OC'd

Hi all,

I've just built a new machine as follows:-

Fractal R5 Define Case
Asus Maximus Code IX
Intel I5 7600k
Dark Rock 3 CPU Tower Cooler
16GB Corsair LPX 3200 RAM

The Asus Dual Intelligent Processor 5 software has automatically Overclocked the processor to +31% at 5GHZ. However this introduces micro stuttering to the games I'm playing, I'm unsure how to correct this, i've read increasing Core Voltage slightly will usually correct this but doesn't seem to improve at all in this case. The Tool had set voltage to 1.325 - I increased it slightly to 1.400. The same stuttering is present.

I also have a question around Temps - I have always used RealTemp however the temps differ from those shown in the Asus tool often by as much as 10C

Asus shows at idle 29C - 32C while RealTemp shows between 32C - 38C - running Prime95 went to 100C on RealTemp within 2 minutes while hitting 86 on Asus - I stopped it.

I'm unsure which to trust more in this case - assuming the Asus tool being an Asus motherboard?

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  1. That overclock is too high if you are hitting 100c while running prime95, under full load you want to peak at around ~80c with an overclocked CPU. Also, do you have a dedicated graphics card you are you just using Intel HD graphics to game?
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  2. Yeah I assumed it was a bit too optimistic! The software did it automatically.

    But I'm not sure which is a real representation of the temps? From RealTemp or the Asus Software?
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  3. That is the interesting part... because they should be the same as they are reading the same information from the same thermostat... try a 3rd monitoring tool such as Speccy. I would go with what the majority says, for example, if realtemp and speccy say 100c and asus says 86c, trust the other two. Or if speccy and asus say 86c and realtemp says 100c, go with asus. If you get three different numbers that is a mystery. I guess you could average the three, but thats not accurate...
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  4. Oh this is fun....

    Dropped the Overclock for now, running Prime95 :-

    RealTemp 66
    Speccy 58
    Asus 51

    What is going on with this?
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  5. RealTemp is showing individual core temperatures while the other two programs are showing package temperatures. So the cores themselves are hotter than the whole CPU, however there is still a big difference between Speccy and Asus. Honestly I'd trust Speccy + RealTemp to be safe.
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  6. Thanks any advice on getting the best out of this machine with regards to the overclock, it seems any sort of tweaking introduces the stuttering.
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