Overcloking i7 4790k little with B85

Hi, I have a i7 4790k and I have GIGABYTE GA-B85M-HD3 MB. I want to overclock my i7 to 4.4. Can I do that on my motherboard? Thanks.
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    Nope sorry. You need a chipset with the letter Z in it to overclock. Even if you could, i highly doubt that motherboard would be capable of overclocking your CPU, simply because it's VRMs wouldn't be powerful enough.

    However 4.4ghz is the boost speed of the 4790k correct? If so, you might be able to run all cores at 4.4ghz, not sure if it's possible, but it was possible with Ivy Bridge.
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  2. Thanks, I was trying to get the 4,4 boost clock to be stable clock. But my motherboard can't give that much juice to the procesor.
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