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Hi there!
Just completed a new build as follows:
i7-5820k oc'd to 4ghz with Scythe Ashura cooler
Asus GTX 1080ti FE running a Arctic Accelero III custom cooler
MSI X99A SLI Plus Mainboard
Winfdows 10 64bit
NZXT Phantom 530 with 10 case fans installed
Be Quiet Platinum PSU 850w
2x16GB DDR4 3000mhz RAM

I'm getting excellent temp readings. The GPU is running at idle under 30°C, top temp 39°C at 100%. CPU idling at around 40° top temp 61° at 4Ghz.

Odd thing is I'm seeing a temp reading in one of my monitors - NZXT's CAM - that says "Temperature 2" on the MB is running 127°C! It never changes up or down. I would ignore it except that a previously installed Speedfan also said my CPU was running at 127°C and another legacy monitor I used before I switched to Win 10 also recorded the same for the CPU which is clearly wrong. I'm not getting this reading on any other monitors or in the bios. Could this just be a fault with the MB and is there anywhere to find out where it might be coming from?
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    SPEEDFAN often gets the wrong temperatures, plus your CPU would never hit 127degC as there's a thermal shutoff diode probably near 100degC if it hit that high due to a cooling problem.

    Probably a false reading. CPUID's Hardware Monitor is excellent for the CPU core temperatures.

    I don't know how you recorded 39degC at full GPU load but that's not possible. It should go over 60degC in heavy load.

    GPU-Z and Asus' own monitoring software should both be tried to see how they agree with each other. For GPU-Z which isn't an overlay you could just run Unigine Valley in windowed mode (full resolution) so you can access the info.
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