MSI B350 Tomahawk Stuck on BOOT debug LED, won't show BIOS

Recently put together a new PC. Ryzen 7 1700 with an evga 1080 ti on a MSI B350 Tomahawk Board. Finally got the PSU and hooked things up. When I turn it on the CPU debug LED lights up for a bit, then turns off. Next the VGA debug LED lights up and turns off. Finally the Boot LED lights up and stays lit. At this point the GPU LED (not the one in the EZ DEBUG row, but the one next to the CPU) is also lit (due to a typo in the manual that comes with the board, i have no idea if this is supposed to be lit or not). I have a USB drive with a Windows 10 Boot on it, but it doesn't seem to recognize this, and the 2 drives in there (A SSD and HDD) are blank. Right now I can't even get the BIOS to appear on screen, i've used both the HDMI ports on the graphics card and motherboard, and the VGA port on the motherboard too, nothing appears on screen.
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  1. Monitor, or tv?
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  2. Try to enter bioas with keyboard/mouse and gpu only. remove any other peripheral. and also remove any ssd or hdd
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  3. The gpu light near the CPU is meant to be on when no iGPU is detected. Your CPU doesn't have an iGPU so that's okay, you don't need to worry about that. You've also passed the other ez debug tests as the lights went off, except boot (which won't without an os to boot). Unplug the HDD and leave SSD plugged in (making sure power and data cables are connected) Plug windows install USB to a back-panel USB port and try booting. It should load the installer, you might need to press ESC or F11. Also connect monitor to gpu and use HDMI if possible for first boot (as video ports on Mobo only work if cpu has iGPU)
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  4. I have the exact same problem but the difference is that I'm trying to boot without an ssd or a hdd maybe I need a storage before booting ?
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