What things would I need to do if I change my motherboard

So I have this old pc with this motherboard from gigabyte GA f2a68hm s1, fm2+/fm2 socket. Currently, it has amd a8-7600, 4gb of ram and zotac gtx 1050 ti. Few weeks ago it had 8 gb of ram but suddenly I just noticed in the system information that it only read 4 gb of ram even though there were 2 4gb sticks with diff freq and timings(I know its terrible but it worked before) but then I think the second slot broke, I tried switching rams in 1st slot and it boots, then I tried the 2 rams in 2nd slot and it didn't work. So now I'm planning to buy a new fm2/fm2+ motherboard and probably a new kit of ram or another ram but this time with the same timing and freq and I'm keeping the other components. What are the things I have to consider in before doing it? I know how to install an os and pretty much the basic stuff, my biggest question is do I have to update the bios if in case ill get ASRock FM2A68M-HD+ out of the box? Because I heard about processors not being compatible because of bios and I'm not good with that stuff
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    A8-7600 is listed as being supported by all BIOS Versions.
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  2. Calvin7 said:
    A8-7600 is listed as being supported by all BIOS Versions.

    Thanks, would I need to reinstall the os?
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  3. Yes you will need a new windows licence unless you are very luckey.
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