ASRock - AB350M Pro4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard RAM Question

A friend of mine has gotten all his parts together and I was going to build it for him, However after getting the motherboard out I found a potential problem. Or atleast one I didn't really know how to do. Here is a picture of the paper:

Basically, it's saying to put the RAM in certain channels with specific frequencies. I went ahead and put them into A1 and A2. However before I continue and finish the build I figured I would come here and check with you guys about what you think.

Here is the link to the board:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

Here is the link to the RAM:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
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  1. ok I have this same board and i Have mine in a2 and b2. A1 AND B1 are for SR: Single rank DIMM, 1Rx4 or 1Rx8 on DIMM module label and A2 and B2 are for DR: Dual rank DIMM, 2Rx4 or 2Rx8 on DIMM module label.

    So if you are running single rated Ram say 1x16 instead of 2x8(16) you would use A1 and or B2 or both if you have 2 single rated sticks. And obviously if you are using 2x8(16) you would use both slots A2 and B2. Hope this helps. Also check out the manual for the Mobo it will tell you everything you need for component placement into slots.
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