New SSD health 80% on HDSentinel?

Hello. I bought one new ssd-especially Adata Ultimate su800 128gb, and hd sentinel shows me 80% although i own it only 1 week. Crystaldiskinfo, Speecy, and some other programs shows 100% of health. Windows detection too. Only HDSentinel shows me 80%. What is happening? Anybody have noticed something similar before?
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  1. If the other software tools and Windows all agree with 100% (expected with a new SSD) then HDSentinel is probably wrong.

    Make sure your HD Sentinel software is up-to-date and from a legitimate source. Visit their website to see if there are any known bugs. Maybe a product specific bug - only occurs with certain brand drives. HDSentinel may list and/or acknowledge some known flaw or bug.

    Update and/or reinstall HDSentinel if necessary.

    Run the disk drive diagnostic software provided by the drive manufacturer.
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  2. It's quite strange. We've been using the HD Sentinel program for more years than I care to remember. We've probably employed that program more than a thousand times testing the health of many, many HDDs & SSDs. We have absolute trust in its reports.

    We use the Professional version but the Standard (free) version should suffice for most PC users.

    Have you checked to see if Adata has a diagnostic program for its SSD?
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