dual M.2 EVO 960 256GB in RAID 0 not getting the speeds.. help!

I have a gigabyte z170x-ud3 motherboard. It as dual m.2 slots, both x4 3.0 32gb/s. I installed 2 samsung M.2 evo 960 250BG drives, and set them up raid 0. All went well. I have them as my boot drive.

My question is, should I not be hitting the max speed of about 4gb/s read? Crystal mark and others report my highest speeds at about 3100 read. Is there something I missed? This is the theoretical speed of 1 drive.
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  1. You do not see the performance increase in Raid 0 from SSDs that you do from HDDs.
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  2. Did you install the raid in bios. Are you drivers all up to date including board bios and firmware? Your board says with Intel ssd 's(I guess their flagship ones) in raid o max out at record speeds 3525 mb's read and 2840 mb's write. So your ssd's are right near the max your board will handle.
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