I pressed OC Genie button in bios.

After pressing it i restarted my pc all of the fans and leds in pc were working perfectly but the screen, led mouse and led keyboard are acting like they can't find the device they are connected to (with cable). I tried pulling my battery on motherboard out and putting it in after few minutes It didnt work at all. I dont have a button on motherboard to turn oc genie off because its z97 gaming3 from msi. Can someone help?
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  1. By pulling the CMOS battery, it should reset your bios to factory settings... Maybe give it another try and wait say, 10 minutes just to be sure it resets... :)

    BTW, normally those OC genie type auto-OC's are pretty safe... I mean that they normally are not very aggressive on the OC. I wonder why it didn't work...

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  2. Sadly nothing happened. It turns on with screen and everything still not responding for a 15 seconds then turns off and back on again but after this 1 restart it just stays on.
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