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I have an kaby lake i7 7700k processor in a gigabyte z170 chipset motherboard. I attempted overclocking, but my temps were too high and im too much of a noob at this to tinker with it any more, so i reset the mobo to (optimized defaults) my problem is, after all of this its only boosting to 4.4 gigahertz when it was reaching 4.5 before at stable temps. What do?
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  1. z270 mobos provide much more stable overclocking than the z170s. Your PSU also affects overclocking performance. That being said, if you have a good PSU, it's likely that you lost the "silicon lottery" and got a chip that isn't capable of overclocking a lot. Return it if it's under the return period.

    What software (if any) are you using to overclock? A screenshot of the settings might help.
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  2. Thanks for fast response, i am using the gigabyte uefi/ bios to of. Screenshot to follow
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