[Cooling] 6700k with H100i V2, are these weird temps?

To preface this, I'm wondering if my temps are normal for my environment on a 6700k that hasn't been de-lidded, and whether or not I should de-lid for some lower temps.

Alright, I have a 6700k and a H100i V2, as stated before, with some Arctic Silver 5 as the thermal compound in an H440 case, and the H100i V2 is running on the quiet preset.

The cooler is mounted at the top and is set to pull air in from the outside, since the H440 has meager amounts of airflow if you have the dust fan on the front.

My idle temps are: 30-36 °C per core, and 37-39 °C in the package (I'm in California and am running these tests in the morning at around 22 °C ambient.)

And while booting up several applications at once, I reach around 71 °C peak.

While just running a game, I might get around 66 °C max in all the cores, but all the cores aren't usually being utilized at the same time.

Are these temps normal for these conditions; should I look into de-lidding or just simply re-seating the heat sink?

If you could let me know, that'd be wonderful.
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    71C is great. You have a lot of headroom before you need to be concerned. 80C is where I would de-Lid my case and I would stop running my machine at 85C and let it cool down.

    Have you overclocked your CPU?

    Your processor has features like Thermal Design Power (TDP) and Thermal Control Circuit (TCC). If you are still concerned, you can change these settings in the BIOS and prevent your processor going over 80C by throttling. On the other side you can change these settings to keep running your CPU near the TjMax (100C) though I wouldn't recommend it of course.
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  2. are you running corsair link? which mode or do you have a custom setting?
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  3. I had this problem but it turned out to be the bios in my Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7 motherboard which was providing the wroong voltages..They finally released a Bios update F21 which solved the problem and brought my temps down from mid 30's to low 20's at idle and under Prime95, I now do not exceed 65 to 67 degrees..Just a thought as your temps seem high for a i7-6700k. Also I would still have the AIO mounted to the front drawing air in with a rear and top extractor fan setup. If you still want to go top, I would have it exhasting out and pulling in from the front. The spikes that you are getting suggest it could be something other than just fan placement.
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  4. Are you overclocked or just running stock? Also what is your motherboard and bios?
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  5. Sorry but the selected answer is simply incorrect, and nonsensical. I have a very similar setup 6700k and Fractal R5 case + H110i. There are some good answers here which such as vMax which point to potentially your bios providing too much voltage to your CPU. Idle temps of 30 C in an ambient 22 C room are not normal. Just because you are not hitting TJ Max doesn't you should be running your CPU hotter than needs be. I would suggest checking both VCore and VCCPLL OC as these are notorious for being set too high by motherboard vendors. If you are running stock your VCore should be good at 1.18-1.2v and VCCPLL OC at 1.15-1.2v. You can expect load temps to drop about 20 C by the sounds of it and idle around 10 C.
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