AM4 Socket, only ryzen?


I read something interesting on the amd site.
Is it true you can use an athlon x4 cpu on the am4 socket? I'm overclocking my athlon x4 860k to 4.3Ghz.
But my chipset a88x (bolton d4) has a problem with reading temps and amd's overclock program does not work on my chipset.

So i was thinking to upgrade to ryzen. But would my athlon work on the am4 platform? That way i can save some money.

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    You can't use a fm2+ cpu in an AM4 motherboard.
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  2. As mentioned above no, there will be athons and apus on the ryzen platform, just not your athlon. If the ryzen athlons are a single ccx 4c8t chip that may be a baaaaaaaaad chip for the lower end market
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  3. Sad :c , Thanks for the answer guys!
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