Does my motherboard's onboard Bluetooth have Qualcomm® aptX™?

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my motherboard is ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition.
Specs only list the onboard bluetooth as "Bluetooth 4.0"
What does that mean? Is aptx available in all bluetooth 4.0 devices (and upward)?

If i was to pair my aptx built-in bluetooth headphones (Sony MDR 1000x) with my pc, would the audio in fact be streamed via aptx? Or would i have to buy a bluetooth 4.1 / 4.2 Transmitter that explicitly has aptx listed in its features?
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  1. You would have to buy an aptx branded transmitter as the mobo bluetooth does not support aptx. If it did, they would advertise that fact. It is a proprietary solution so would cost more to implement.
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