EaseUS Todo - What backup alternative is the best for me?

In the free version of EaseUS Todo there are the following available backup methods:
- Disk/Partition Backup
- File Backup
- System Backup
- Smart Backup
What are the differences between these alternatives, and which one is the best for my use case scenario?

My use case scenario: I have 2 partitions on my PC, both on the same drive; one for Windows and all installed programs, and one for storage.
Every Monday and Thursday night 1:00 AM I'll completely backup everything from the PC to my NAS server by setting up automatic backups.
At the moment I use the Disk/Partition Backup method to backup both partitions, but I'm wondering if any of the other alternatives are more suitable for me - for instance System Backup for the C drive and then a 2nd backup for the storage partition?
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  1. Entire disk backup (by creating a disk-image as you do now) is the best solution as it's the only method that can get you up and running again in the event of hard drive failure.

    However, once the image has been created it would be wise to have a copy of it on another physical drive in case the drive holding the original image should fail.
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  2. What would the advantages and disadvantages be regarding your suggestion of disk backup, vs a system backup + an additional partition backup for the storage partition?
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  3. Read here for how I and others do the backup routine.
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