need opinion on gpu watercooler

I decided to buy gpu watercooler for evga 1080 sc, found this two:
Arctic Accelero Hybrid III-140
EVGA GTX 1080/1070 Hybrid Waterblock Cooler
Do you have any opinion on these?
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  1. i have not used anyof those but if i wanted to buy ill go for EVGA
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  2. Hey
    So i bought EVGA GTX 1080/1070 Hybrid Waterblock Cooler, installed it today, and its pretty awesome. Gpu temp keeps around 65 C, full load (replays of warhammer total war battles on ultra for like hour or so). Where i live theres goddamn heatwave, 35 during day, around 20 at night. I found it amazing, silence, finally silence. Didnt overclock so far, deciced its time to call it a day.
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