Hello, looking for a bit of advice with vrm temps on my board. I just purchased the gigabyte airbus gaming k5 board and after installing it and overclocking to 3.8ghz I ran aida64 and the vrm temps were up around 95c which I thought was pretty hot. Is this acceptable or to hot?

Also I changed to the K5 board from a gigabyte gaming 3 on which I ran the same overclock settings and vrm temps were around 70-75c.
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  1. Possibly it is noraml for that particular MB, but, you could always try running a case fan pointed across the VRM curcuitry...

    Might be a search to find someone else with same board to compare, good luck!
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  2. I have the corsair 460x case which has 3 fans at the front blowing directly over the board. Seems strange how the smaller cheaper board gets far better temps
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  3. Turns out it's a faulty board
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