is it best

Hyper threading G4560 .
With a stock cooler . Is it safe or stable ?
To hyper thread it . Does stock cooler can keep it cool ?
While playing gta 5 on ultra settings .
And how much power consumption will increase if it is hyper threaded .?
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  1. ask yourself this? why would Intel include a cooler if you couldn't use every feature of it?
  2. What are the rest of your specs, hard to determine any CPU playing any game on Ultra without all the information.
  3. My specs are:-
    Intel pentium G4560
    Gigabyte ga b250m ds3h
    Cosair vengeance 8gb ddr 4 (2400 mhz)
    450 watts power supply
    Zotac geforce gtx 1050 ti oc (4gb)
    2 side fans for cooling cabinet
  4. Tell me please?
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