GTX 1050Ti or wait for GTX 1060 6GB until mining craze is over?

Hello, I want to build a new PC but this ANNOYING mining craze isn't going to stop. I want to play games like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky etc. Is the GTX 1050 Ti(4GB) going to be okay for these games? I'm not interested in MAXIMUM fps but I want at least 30fps(1080p) in these games.
I'm thinking about buying the GTX 1050 Ti and MAYBE upgrade to the GTX Volta in 2018 if 1050Ti doesn't meet my needs. Is the wait for the GTX 1060 shortage to be resolved worth it??
Also, if I choose to buy GTX1050Ti now and upgrade later to the gtx volta, will the gtx volta be compatible with my motherboard(ASUS Prime B350-Plus)??
Any help is appreciated, thank you
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    Star Citizen is not yet optimized but rest assured that even when it is it will be one of the most demanding games going for hardware. It would be safe to say that a GTX 1060 is the recommended minimum and the GTX 1050 Ti is the required minimum. So if you use a 1050 Ti you will be getting an average FPS of around 30. But the good news here is that everyone right now is getting around 30 FPS due to server optimization issues.

    So buying a higher GPU is not needed right now but will definitely be required later. Go for the 1050 Ti now and save for an upgrade from the GTX 1060.

    Your mobo should be fine with a GTX Volta as long as there isn't some move away from a PCI-e interface.
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