I7 7700k 5Ghz OC & Kraken x62 high cpu temps!?

My specs

I7 7000k kaby lake OC from 4.2-5ghz
Asus rog strix 270f
G.skill trident Z rgb 16gb 2400mhz
MSI 1060 6gb
Nzxt s340 elite white
120ssd Samsung
1tb HDD

Idle temp 35-40
Gaming temp 60-75 and sometimes up to 84c

Im using the pre applied thermal paste from Nzxt kraken x62, but i still get some high temps according to CAM. Is this safe pr what can i do to make it Lower? All specs are Brand new. And cpu is OC to 5ghz.
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  1. This is about norm for the i7-7700K chip, unless you de-lidded it. Especially with the stock paste that came with the kraken.
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  2. Should re do thermal paste?
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  3. You could try redoing the paste with some better TIM, but you may still see some high temp spikes due to the crappy internal TIM that intel used on these chips. The temps you're seeing aren't horrible, but 80s is getting a little hot.
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  4. Tim?
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    Question: Delid. What is that and what does it do?


    TIM stands for: Thermal Interface Material. But everyone call it Thermal Paste. TIM is just a short for that.
    If you take your 7700k apart you also have TIM between the CPU die and the CPU heatspreader.

    Swap out the crappy TIM intel uses by doing a delid of your CPU, and use LM (Liquid Metal) like:
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