R5 1600 vs i7 7700 (non k)


My current setup is

Msi h110m pro-d
I3 6100
16gb ram 2133mhz
Gigabyte rx 480 8gb
Mx300 525gb ssd
1tb wd blue

I was wondering what would be a better upgrade. A r5 1600 (new mobo and cpu for about 300 euro's)
Or a i7 7700 (non k) with my current mobo (also 300 euro's).

I mostly play pretty demanding titles like bf1.

Thanks in forward!

PS. English is not my native language so sorry for my bad english.
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    The higher single threaded performance of intel chips like the one you are looking at will be beneficial to more intensive games because despite having the technology for more than a decade developers still optimize their games for dual core machines. IE only using one cpu core in many cases.

    Plus getting an i7 7700is a cheaper upgrade since it uses the same socket and will work in your current motherboard
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