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I bought a pre-built gaming pc a few months back and have been experiencing very low, stuttering framerates across some games. The main games I have been having problems with are Overwatch, PUBG, Team Fortress 2 and Cities Skylines (to name a few). However I am able to get a good 50-60fps on other games (Dishonored, Thief, Insurgency). I feel as if something is wrong because the games that run badly are said to be well optimised, Overwatch especially, which has been said to be well optimised when i'm getting 10-20 fps on lowest settings.
Intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz
Nvidia GTX 950 2GB
8GB Ram

I have made sure my drivers are updated, I have done a virus scan, I have multiple programs installed and used reguarly (CCleaner, Driver Booster 4, Game Boost), my CPU cores are unparked and I make sure to close any taxing background tasks and setting priority to high before playing any game. I have started to think that perhaps either my CPU or GPU has something wrong with it, which would explain why I get low fps on some games but not on others.

Any replies or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. ok first get rid of the cpu boost, driver cleaner etc, download hw monitor (link here-
    see if the cpu/gpu are running at the correct frequencies.
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    This is what I got from HWMonitor (not running any games if that makes a difference)

    Thanks for the fast reply
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    I can see your problem. Those CPU temperatures are way too high, and your computer is throttling to protect itself. You need to clean your CPU cooler and make sure the fan is running, if that doesn't help, the thermal paste may need replacing. Until those temperature drop, you'll never get good performance.
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  4. Kittegg said:
    This is what I got from HWMonitor (not running any games if that makes a difference)

    Thanks for the fast reply
    You have some extremely high temps, do you know what cpu cooler you have ?, if its stock that would explain some issues, i recommend getting a hyper 212 evo cooler with arctic silver 5 thermal paste, all together it will set you back £30, sound investment imo
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  5. Thanks a lot for the replies, i'll clean my cooler and if that doesn't work i'll look into buying a new one and replacing the thermal paste. I'll let you know if it works.
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  6. Problem solved!
    I replaced the thermal paste with arctic silver 5 at first, but it made little difference. I gave up and decided to shell out for a new cooler. I bought a H80i v2, which has decreased my temperatures significantly. Upon opening up my old water cooler I found that the pump was very stiff and there was very little liquid going through it. Perhaps I could have done this before buying the new one but at least it's future proof! I can run all the games I listed much smoother and other games too. Thanks for everyone's replies, helped a bunch.
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