can u tell me

Can u tell me which ram is best for me.
Cosair vengeance dual channel 2x4 gb 2400 mhz.
Kinston HyperX Fury dual channel 2x4 gb 2400 mhz.

My cpu specs

My motherboard is gigabyte ga b250m ds3h
Intel Pentium G4560
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  1. The corsair ones have a cas latency of 14 while the Kingston one has a Cas latency of 15 (lesser is better) but honestly it's the same thing the difference is miniscule buy which one you like
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  2. There will be no noticeable difference between those two types of RAM. In some benchmarks the corsair may score a few points higher, but again, there will be no noticeable difference. I would go for whichever RAM is cheaper.
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  3. Thanks friends
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    Go for kingston if you need low profile ram good for some big CPU coolers
    corsair vengence is high profile ram if you have or in future big cpu cooler it will conflict with it
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