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I have this option called "memory clock", my question is, what does it means ? is that use to configure my ram speed ? or is it something else, because i can only maxed it out to 1600mhz (currently i use 1067mhz), but in the bios, it says my ram speed is 2133mhz
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    The "Memory clock" in Ryzen Master allows you to either read or write the clock speeds for your system RAM. All modern RAM is some version of DDR (nowadays it's DDR4), and DDR means "Double Data Rate": whatever the clock is, the memory works at twice (double) that speed. So for example, you RAM speed being 2133 MHz, the Memory clock you should see in Ryzen Master is 1066 MHz (because the double of the clock is your memory speed). Ryzen allows you to set the clock up to 1600 MHz, which corresponds to RAM speed of 3200 MHz.
    Hope this clarifies it :)
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