H80i v2 120mm vs Hyper 212 Evo for Ryzen 1700x

I know quite a few threads have already been created about this topic, but most of them seem out of date. Anyways, I've been running a Ryzen 1700x and Hyper 212 Evo with a Noctua NF-F12 PWM in a Corsair 100R Silent Edition for a while now, and I haven't been happy with the temperatures. With a 200MHz overclock and no voltage changes, I sit at a hot 75-85C while rendering videos or frames. My gaming and AIDA64 temperatures are fine though, never hitting anything above 70C. I was considering upgrading to an AIO, but since my case is completely closed off at the top with no fan vents, I can't use a 240mm radiator. Would it be worth my money to invest in an H80i v2, or keep my Hyper 212 Evo and live with the higher temps and poor overclocks? Thanks!
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    You wont see muh if any improvement if you change you 212 evo to that.
    If money does not matter, id get this:,4867.html However, its expesive and a bit noisy (if you have not-so-good case fans like me you'd never notice it tough). You will need the AM4 upgrade kit.
    If you want great value for you money, I would want this one:,4986.html A good cooler, quiet, and cheaper than the other. You will need the upgrade kit for this too.
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