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How much power do i need to overclock i5 6600k and evga gtx 1080 superclocked, also ram in future. My power supply is Corsair VS Series 550W, think i need a new one. Is evga supernova g2 series a good choice? Any suggestion are welcome.
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  1. EVGA G2 is good. Wattage is not a problem, the GTX 1080 is 180w TDP with many models using only 1 x 8 pin cable, making theoretical limit to 225w OC. 550w is more than enough.
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  2. Is seasonic prime titanium worth its price?
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    Worth it is a hard question. The saving is minimal between gold and titanium, but titanium is often top quality. Though EVGA G2 and most of the gold full modular PSU from brand like Corsair etc are of high quality already.
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