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i got a new ssd, and copied all files from my old hdd to the ssd. Now I have the ssd installed, but get a screen that says "no bootable device" that pops up. I have gone into the bios and tried to set the boot priority so the ssd is #1, but I still get the same response. The laptop only boots if I have both the old hdd and ssd installed. How do I make the ssd a boot device?
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  1. copied or clone the os to the ssd?
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  2. Copied. Is there a difference?
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  3. Jwimmer said:
    Copied. Is there a difference?

    Yes. copying will not get ALL the needed files to make a drive bootable.
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    clone and you have to remove hdd on first boot to have system find ssd as boot device .
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  5. So how do I clone? Is there a reccomended software?
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  6. did you check on the ssd maker link most have a free one to do it .
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