Ryzen 3 1200 overclocked or i5 4670k

Hi, I just like to know which CPU is better the i5 4670k or r3 1200 overclocked for gaming.

Keep in mine both CPUs will be paired with 3gb gtx 1060 and 8 gigs of ram.
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    well the r3 will perform within 10% of the i5 in most titles, and it will run you 100 less, you can get a good B series MB which you can overclock with for about 50-70 less then a good overclocking board for that i5... they aren't really in the same price class, so its your choice really. If you have a 1080p / 60hz monitor, I doubt you'll see much difference. Overall the i5 will perform better if overclocked, but again you won't notice on a 60hz monitor.
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