Does Noctua d15 or Noctua u14s fit into Bitfenix Phenom Itx

First of all sorry for my english (im not comming from native english speaker country)
im looking to build a for my 2nd gaming pc based on amd ryzen

my hardware list curently
AMD ryzen 7 1700 (non x version)
Asrock AB 350 gaming itx
RAM G.skill trident z pc 25600
SSD 850 evo 500gb
zotac gtx 970 (if there's any suggestion welcome)
PSU Seasonic M12II-520

case im looking is bitfenix phenom itx
does noctua d15 or u14s fit to the case
because case limitation for cooler is 170 mm
and both of the noctua height is 165 mm
and the height of the trident z is 44 mm (12 mm more than noctua d15 recomendation on 2nd fan)
in my country only noctua that support am4 mounting
im not interested to use aio water cooling

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  1. Yes they will fit with no problem.
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