My monitor keeps losing signal and I cant hard reset my pc when it does.

Hello everyone. I hope u guys can help because I don't wanna take this thing apart and take it all back to micro center...but I will.

I just did my third build...heres the specs.

ACER 24in. LED Monitor
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X CPU
ASUScomp Prime X370 Pro AM4 ATX Motherboard
Crucial 8GB 2x4 D4 2400 SPLT CL16 RAM
Corsair H80i V2 Liquid Cooler
Thermaltake 850W Toughpower Gold RGB PSU

There is no rhyme or reason to when it does this...under load or idle, all of a sudden my monitor loses signal and my pc keeps running. When this happens, I can't power it down unless I flip the switch on the PSU. I've updated all drivers, swapped the locations of the GPU's, upgraded from 750W PSU to 850W PSU (at the advice of Microcenter)...nothing has fixed the issue. Please PLEASE somebody help me. I have 15 days to return this stuff.

Thanks As Always.
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    Those are old GPU's so I assume that they came from an old system, did it do it in that system?

    Does it do it on a single GPU? test both of them.
    Latest drivers for the mobo installed?
    Does it do it with SLI disabled, but both GPU's in place?
    New installation of windows with the new hardware?
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  2. They worked in both of my other builds. I haven't tried them singular yet. I also haven't tried them with slide disabled. I will do it when I get home from work. I did a full factory reset last night and started prime95 this morning with stock core. I will check when I get home and update you guys. Thank you for your help so much.
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  3. My gut feel is a mobo issue with SLI, and it being a relatively new platform.
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  4. So then even taking it back to the store and exchanging it won't solve the issues then correct? And is there a way to find out if it's a motherboard issue dealing with that what you're having me do with the graphics cards when I get home? Sad thing upgrading to the 1080 in a month or so.

    Thanks again.
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  5. If that is the problem, the evidence that it is the problem is increased by testing with a single card and it not having a problem.

    Reseating the SLI bridge might be a useful thing to do.
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  6. The motherboard specs said it was Sli and Crossfire compatible for ready. That's the main reason I got it. and even when I log into Windows I get a little pop-up that says this system is slide compatible click to configure which takes me to the Nvidia control panel.
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  7. so lets see if under non sli conditions it is better. This is a very new chipset, i'd not be surprised if there were issues, but google does say no issues reported.
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  8. I've already tried reseeding the bridge when I swapped positions with the gpus. I put the top one in the bottom spot and the bottom went in the top slot but I never tried them by themselves
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  9. [UPDATE]

    So I left Prime 95 running 14 hours at stock cores...when I came home, everything was stable. Phew. Not sure what the issue was, or if its even fixed for good. After the factory reset, everything seems to be good. A quick glance at the drivers all show what appear to be the same ones that were installed previously...maybe a software conflict issue? All I have installed now Is Windows 10 Pro (and all their bloatware), Prime 95 and HWMonitor. What should I do next. Probably should create a restore point for sure correct. But then what...continue to install my software 1 by 1 and stress test a little to see if it loses signal again? Could it have been an issue with the Windows installation? I had to go from 7 Ultimate to 10 Pro 32 bit...and then install the 64 bit over top the 32 bit. Either way, it seems to be fixed for now after the new installation of Windows with the new hardware...just as you suggested at the end of your first answer. I have to run somewhere for a little bit...when I return...if its still stable, I'll mark it as the best answer. Thx again.
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  10. 48 hrs. plus running stable. Thanks for ur help.
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