GTX1060 PC won't boot past BIOS splash screen

Gtx 1060 on Acer H61 chipset mobo (m290 veriton) i5-3450.

Bios p2-a1 from 2012 but no update on Acer site.

Everything is working ok when I put my old gfx in (R9 380) - I have uninstalled catalyst drivers and used clean uninstall utility.

Any ideas how to get the gfx working? I'm considering backing up my bios and then trying another manufacturer's bios update - any ideas which?

Thanks in advance for ant help.
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  1. Will it start in safe mode with the new graphics card?

    Remove all the graphics card drivers while in safe mode.

    Reboot in regular mode and download the NVIDIA drivers again and install.
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  2. No literally as soon as the new gfx goes in the pc won't boot past the bios splash screen and I lose any option to hit del or f12 to ring up bios settings or choose boot device.
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