Corsair h100i v2 Ryzen compatibility

I have an AMD Ryzen system that I have been using for a couple of months and want to upgrade my CPU cooling for over clocking. I plan on buying the h100i v2, but would like to know whether the latest version includes an AM4 bracket. Thank you.
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  1. You'll have to ask the seller about that because nobody knows how long it was sitting on the shelf.
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  2. Yes, when I inspected the box, there was a big yellow sticker that said AM4 compatible, and there is a white sticker stating that it was manufactured in June of 2017. But all the text printed on the box makes me skeptical, it says that it supports sockets up to am3, and stated some compatible CPUs as well, not including Ryzen.
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    They probably just didn't update it on their site, Ryzen was already released by June and time that cooler was made so it's very good chance it was included considering that sticker etc.
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  4. Thank you very much. The seller allowed me to open the box, sure enough there was an AM4 bracket inside. Really appreciate the help.
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  5. Happy Ryzen computing !!
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