High CPU temps with Custom water cooling setup & H100i

I installed a custom water cooling loop and was experiencing high cpu temps with my i7-4770k. idle 55-60c & full load 75c+.

I thought that it was a problem with the cpu block or the pump. I tried a few different solutions and couldn't get a fix. So i decided to return the cooling equipment and just go back to my H100i cooler. (I also got a new processor {i7-7700k} during this time) I was still having high temps. 55-60c idle.

I thoroughly checked to make sure that i was setting the block evenly and that the thermal paste was applying properly.

I also thought that my case (Thermaltake Core P5) was too hot and not allowing air to escape, so I removed the front and top tempered glass panels to hopefully allow more air to get in. This didn't seem to yield any results.
But if this was the case, it would be likely that my GPU would be warm too, which it isn't . I have it hooked up to a NZXT Kraken X40 and under heavy gaming loads (75-95%) it's reaching a tops of 45c.

So I am out of ideas and can't seem to figure it out.
I have my specs down below.

Corsair H100i
GTX 980ti
NZXT Kraken X40 cooler for gpu
Corsair HX1050 PSU

Any help or ideas are appreciated.
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  1. You have gotten a shitty thermal example when it comes to the 7700k. Same problem I had.
    Looks like you got 2 choices:

    1. Just accept the temps and live with it.

    2. Delid and apply liquid metal.
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  2. lumineZ said:
    You have gotten a shitty thermal example when it comes to the 7700k. Same problem I had.
    Looks like you got 2 choices:

    1. Just accept the temps and live with it.

    2. Delid and apply liquid metal.

    Do you suppose that I also got a bad 17-4770K. Because that's what I kept hearing. That was one of the reasons I got a new processor. And i needed to upgrade my mobo.
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  3. Yupp.

    The 4770k and the 7700k ( others like 6700k, 6600k, 6700k or even the new i9 cpu`s has this problem ) have imo pigion poop as thermal grease between the cpu die and the heatspreader sadly.. Intel being cheap and not using solder like they did before.

    My 7700k was around 86 - 89 degree celcius @ stock speeds.
    Now after a delid I am down to temps around 58 with the cpu now at 5GHz with toture stress test running for 1 hour.

    So yea... blame intel for being cheap.
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  4. An open case does not in and of itself provide air flow. You need to have air moving over the components to improve cooling. use a reasonable powerful desk fan when you want to test whether case cooling is adequate ... rule of thumb is one 120mm 1200 rpm fan for each 50-75 watts (75-100 for 140mm). With your set up I'd want 6 120mm or 4-5 140mm. Your intake fans have filters which restrict airflow which gets worse if you don't keep them clean.... many folks ignore Corsair's written instructions which specifically state to install the CLC fans as INTAKES. These folks can't let go of 8th grade earth science where teacher said hot air rises ... better to listen to the folks who designed it who took college level thermodynamics. With more air going out hen in, you are not only sucking in dust thru those rear case grilles, but you are also sucking in a significant portion of hot air exhausted to the rear of the case by your 1050 watt PSU and 300 watt GFX card.

    A Noctua NH-D15 will provide lower CPU temps while being 1/2th as loud. As for CLC type water cooling... it has the same weaknesses as CLC type water cooling but, these things often can make matters worse as sometimes they can increase VRM temps. Your 980 Ti starts thermal throttling at 85C.... so when overclocking, your goals is to keep it 84C or less. Your GFX card can just as easily be limited by hi VRM temps as GPU temps.

    Think about this ... you have a two fan radiator on your 90-130 watt CPU but only a single fan on the 250 - 300 watts GFX card ? If ya need 2 fans for the CPU, wouldn't 4 or fans then be appropriate for the GFX card ? So with just the one fan removing heat from the GPU, the rest of all that heat is stuck inside the case.... good case air turnover is therefore essential and you don't want to be sucking in hot air from the rear of the case.

    There are two basic rules of water cooling being violated here:

    a) rad fans always blow into the case
    b) Never mix metals in a water cooling loop.

    With air cooling... and OCs between 4.5 - 4.8 Ghz from the 2600k till now, have never had a system break 70C under gaming loads in any build we have done. Obviously the custom loops and Swiftech AIOs do better. RoG Real Bench can get them into mid 70s.
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