pc restarts / shutdown randomly

Hi guys my pc restarts automatically .

last week this was happening so i thought it might be overheating or power issue so i bought a new cooler master hyper 130 fan and a apc 600v ups but it's still restarting and shutting down .so today i bought a new motherboard everything was fine i did a fresh windows 10 install until 3ds max was installing and suddenly pc restarted .

here is information from speccy -

psu - cooler master 600w

motherboard - ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME B250M-PLUS (LGA1151)

processor - Intel Core i5 6402P @ 2.80GHz
Skylake 14nm Technology

ram - kingston hyperx ddr4 8 gb single module

graphic card - msi gtx 1060 3gb

and also i decided to do a gpu test with furmark but pc reboots in 1 sec when starting benchmark
and after that it keeps restarting .
guys please help

everything is new and still in warranty , Should i RMA psu or ram ?
i have only one 8gb ram stick
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  1. this was happening for 2 to 3 weeks
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  2. Most likely cause for Unexpected shutdowns.
    1) Temperature 2) Voltages 3) Ram and 4) Program or driver conflict. (NOT IN ORDER)

    Temperatures (CPU or GPU) and PSU Voltages. To check this you can monitor your temps and voltages while placing the CPU under load. I run CPUID- CPU-Z. Select Bench and then select Stress. Monitor your CPU temps and PSU voltages (Primarily the +12 and +5 V. Both Voltages should be within ± 5% (11.4-> 12.6 V) and +5 V 4.75->5.25V. Myself; the +12 should not drop below 11.6V and the Difference between +12V idle and full load should not change more than 0.2V. CPU Ck OK then test GPU. I use Furmark in a window while monitoring GPU temp and +12V. NOTE: Not positive, but I think your PSU is LOW quality (even if it is not the cause) and would recommend a Higher quality PSU.

    RAM - Run a Memory test program. I always used MemTest; However, Windows 10 has one built in.

    Programs and driver problems can be more difficult as the best way is to Uninstall programs starting with the last installed program.

    Side Comment - Make sure you are running the Latest BIOS revision as MBs often ship with older bios versions and later version often improve stability/performance/add features. And
    Two memory sticks are better than one stick performance wise
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  3. well it happened again when i was typing the reply pc shut down i pressed power button 3,4 times nothing happened until i unplugged and plugged psu cabel few times i was running only chrome .

    hi so in cpu z i ideal state core voltage remains 0.752 v when running cpu stress it went to 1.072 v image top one is before and bottom is during -
    how do i monitor psu ? like you said

    for the ram yes i did memtest 86+ for 10 passes errors were 0

    and for bios is it safe to update BIOS should i do it ?
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  4. alright i figured out how to monitor it .
    here it is -
    is my psu faulty ? or is it the Ram ?

    also here is furmark result -

    and Hwmonitor result -
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  5. I got your PM notification but don't go through it for trying to assist. Your PSU voltage specs between min and max look fine (well within the +/- 5% ATX standard as Chief Master Sergeant said). To entirely rule out the PSU being an issue however, remove your GPU and run your monitor off your onboard graphics. If it still doesn't work with that power load taken out of the equation, then I'd be looking at a memory issue. Is your memory on the motherboard maker's QVL list? (Qualified Vendor's List)
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  6. thanks , i will try removing my graphics card not sure how i am gonna work on 3ds max then , anyway's what if it runs fine after removing graphic card , what should i do then ?
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  7. Then I'd look at memory. Again, is your memory module listed as one on your motherboard's QVL list? Also, some motherboards can be real testy when only running one module and not two in dual channel.
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  8. i bought this motherboard today
    actually it has 4 memory slots 2 are black and 2 are grey .

    alright so pc shut down again when i press power button light blinks for 1 sec and then turns off . I took out graphic card and changed ram slot still same thing is happening tried this few times but no progress until i put back the graphic card it turned on and boot up .

    shit it doesn't -

    what should i do then? i can't get new one right now
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  9. but at some places it's showing support but 16 gb
    kingstone is also showing
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  10. So your memory is not officially supported? That could very well be your issue. In the DDR2 and DDR3 days, the QVL list wasn't as important. I've noticed with DDR4 however the tolerances have decreased on memory not on a QVL list (all it means is that the motherboard maker didn't test that specific memory at their factory).

    Also FYI off topic I'd recommend cleaning up the language. Moderators do not like four letter bombs around here.
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  11. but this is showing

    speed is same but its 16 gb

    hahaha , sorry for that i am really frustrated its going on for weeks

    so this means i should get a new 16 gb ram
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  12. I would go by what the motherboard maker says (QVL) over a reseller's website or PC part builder's website build tool. If you live in an area where you can easily return an item like memory, I'd buy a 2x 8GB memory kit listed on the QVL and then you'd know for sure there is something else going on (like your power supply). This is exactly why I keep multiple parts around from previous PC builds to rule out hardware failures in problems.
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  13. thanks for support , i googled about single ram stick in quad channel everyone was recommending atleast 2 sticks . i will try to buy a new one if i still have problem i will come back here . Thank you so much
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  14. Best answer
    Buy a kit of two sticks. Don't use separate sticks purchased separately. They may not work together even if the same exact model. This is because production variations between different manufacturing cycles can mean one module behaves differently than another and will not work. Silicon production variances and even the memory vendor using different memory chips from cycle to cycle can make a difference. Memory sold in kit form (2x or 4x sticks) is guaranteed to work as they were tested together at the factory.
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