CPU idle temps remain high after gaming/usage

Hello, so everything is fine after the boot the cpu is idle at around 28-30° but after even a quick game (10 mins or so) my idle temps are 42-43° however my usage temps are fine, the cpu doesnt reach more than 70°.

So my question is, isnt my cpu supposed to get back to the normal idle temps i have after a boot?

PC Specs :
i7 6700K + Hydro Series H55
HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR4
GTX 1080 Fanboy edition

I have manually set the vcore @ 1.150 otherwise with auto id have crazy high temps.

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    Welcome to the wonderfull world of fluid dynamics :)

    You have a liquid cooler... To make this easy to understand I would like you to go and boil up 1 cup of water. Now.... when you take it away from the heat so it stops boiling. The water is still hot and will be some time after you removed the heat source.

    Same thing happens in your water loop. It takes time for it to heat up the water to a specific deltaT ( Difference of temprature in the water to ambient air temprature )

    Now when you stop gaming it will take some time for the radiator to remove the heat from the water. But as long as you stay idle and dont stress the cpu and generate heat the radiator and fans will remove heat from the water and your water temps will go down and so will your cpu idle and load temps.
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