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Overclocked my i5 6600k to 4.5GHz. Run all the tests after, looks stable.

Problem is when I'm turn my computer on.

Black screen with cursor blinking, always, just that, black screen with cursor blinking.

I then need to RESET my computer and then loads up Windows no problem?!

Check CPU-Z and 4.5GHz is running, weird.

Any idea whats going on?

Like I said, cold start, black screen with blinking cursor, then reset and works fine... every, signle time...

Is it overclock fault?
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  1. What average temps are you reaching on it and whats your voltage? Typically I would let the overclock stress test run for 12 hours+ to guarantee that the overclock is stable. I personally use prime 95 but other programs work fine too.
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  2. Used Prime95, all good, temps very good.

    TUrning my comp off, then back off, black screen with cursor, until I reset and goes perfect... weird

    Voltage, stock, temps max 82 when on prime95
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  3. Did you do it for 12 hours?
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  4. no, done it for 2h
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  5. blinking cursor in the top left normally means the motherboard hasnt found the hard drives/boot device.
    check your boot order in the uefi/bios if all is ok then check the ahci/ide/raid options are set correctly.
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  6. and resting it helps to find it ?
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    when you reset the bios/uefi the system will detect all the hardware. so its possible.
    but it does sound like something is going wrong in the bios/eufi for it to loose the drives.
    like i said mate. "NORMALLY" the flashing cursor means it cant find a boot device. but its not the only reason a bad oc/ cant find other hardware could be stopping the eufi/bios detecting the hardware properly. and resetting solves it.

    try turning the ram down to default see if that helps.
    if not turn the oc off completely.
    basically its a process of elimination.
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  8. Will try , thx
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  9. thanks for selecting BA. but please wait till you have a solution. :)
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  10. no worries, question was more: if its possible for that to happen after overclock ;) it is so I know where to start now, cheers all
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  11. HEXit was right ! :) For whatever reason boot drive ( ssd with Win10 on it ) was move from 1st spot to 2nd. That's what was causing it. Problem solved - thanks again!
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  12. cool glad your sorted.
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