i5-6600k will not OC over 4.5 GHz.

I currently have an i5-6600k, Hyper 212 Evo, and Corsair Vengeance LED 2x8 GB 2666 MHz RAM sitting on a Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 Motherboard. From what I have heard and seen, the i5-6600k should overclock to 4800 MHz, and the Motherboard can overclock to over 3000 MHz for RAM. Although the i5 is air cooled, it has 4 case fans surrounding it and currently has no GPU to draw cool air away from it. Currently, the i5 can only overclock to 4500 MHz, and the RAM can only overclock to 2400 MHz. Does anyone know why this is happening, or what I can do to fix it?
When I went into BIOS, I discovered that the chip was originally clocked at 3500 MHz. Is it just a coincidence that the chip is limited to 1000 MHz over it's standard clock?
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  1. 6600k is 3500 by default and 3900 boost.
    Anyway, reset your bios or put default settings. Dont touch anything else in Bios beside voltage and frequency(multiplier). I doubt you can go higher than 1.350v due to cooling limitation. So put manual voltage to 1.350v and multiplier to 47 or 4700mhz. Try to boot to windows, then stress test. If it doesnt work lower multiplier to 4.6 and decrease your voltage accordingly. Make sure that your temperature doesnt exceed 85C during stress test and 80C under normal daily tasks like gaming.
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