EVGA G2 vs G3

I know one is newer than the other but is there a major difference between the two? I could pay $90 for the G3 550w or $90 for the G2 650w. Which should I go for
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  1. The G3 series uses a newer Super Flower OEM core power unit. The G3 is also a little smaller and with a smaller fan and performs slightly better in ripple management and efficiency. I would buy a G3 series just based on that even if it costs $10 more for the same wattage and efficiency rating G2 variant.
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  2. I own the 850W G2 model myself. The primary difference is that G3 model is a more compact than the G2. The secondary difference is that the G3 uses the new Super Flower platform (for a more compact design mostly). The components and build quality are high quality on both. From what I have read the G3 has a slightly better efficiency (but almost insignificant) and a bit less voltage ripple (9mv vs ~15mv)exceptional results on both. 'Mythic level' voltage regulation on rails for Both G2 and G3.
    Both are quiet, the G3 has a hydraulic bearing fan which is supposed to last longer but I wouldn't concern about that too much. In your case, I would go for the 650W G2.
    For comparison:
    750W G3:
    750W G2
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