Combining c/sub and left/right sound output from PC in 5.1 setup

I have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 (non bluetooth), the Dayton Audio B652, and some miscellaneous stereo speakers that have a removable left channel (so I can use one speaker as a standalone center speaker).

My question is, can I take the output for the other channel from the center speaker (it is connected to a C/Sub output on my computer) and send it to the 2.1 Klipsch ProMedia?

Here is what the back of "miscellaneous speaker" looks like.

I want to take that "L OUT" and send it to the same 3.5mm jack that feeds into the Promedia 2.1. Can I do that without damaging my computer or the speakers? I have the AsRock Z97 Extreme9.

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    It's hard to tell.
    The L out on the back of the speaker doesn't look like a normal terminal.
    If it's line level then you could tap the sub out there if it turns out that the subwoofer output is on the left side of the input jack. It it wasn't then the sub would output inside the cabinet and center would go to the subwoofer. You would reverse the connections somewhere in the signal chain in that case.
    If it's speaker level then it makes more sense to just split the subwoofer signal off the PC and send it to the 2.1 directly. You would have to use a speaker to line level converter to drop it down again. Won't sound as good since you are going through raising the signal and then dropping it back again for no reason.
    You won't get left and right fronts through the 2.1 only bass. Hook an amp to the front outs and connect the Daytons to it.
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