GPU idle, constant 1volt (memory/freq maxed out)

I noticed this recently and don't remember my gpu being constantly on 1volt.
Also my frequency and memory is maxed out almost while being idle on desktop.

No idea what's going on here. I had changed my gpu power plan to use maximum performance. But that was for a specific game, i've changed my settings back to defaults but with no luck.

I was thinking of this being a rootkit or a miner, but my gpu isn't being used so i think i can scratch that off the list hopefully.

Here a screenshot:
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    Sounds like a bad driver install. Uninstall the drivers using either Control Panel or NVidia uninstaller, then re-install the software.

    NOTE: if you're using the latest version of GeForce Experience, it could be buggy due to the fresh releases. I suggest watching Science Studio's video ( and see if what you're experiencing is covered by his talk. I personally don't use an Nvidia GPU right now so I hope this helps!
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