a tip for all users of msi ms-7788 or any other board

so i had a problem one of my temperatures was high on idle like 70°c so i checked over the internet people were saying oh its a bug just ignore it well its not a bug so i opened my pc pu a fan onto the heatshink of the pci controller and the temp went down so if you see this happening check how big the heatshink is (my one was under the pci-e slot but had a bunch more space and still has) and how much room there is if not much try to get some air over it with a fan but in my case i just replaced it and i am hitting max 68°c at max load before 70°c at idle so here is a picture of my old one(the tiny one) and my replacement one(the big one) oh yes and always check you temps i checked it with hwmonitor and hwinfo and under hwmonitor it was labled as temp.#2 under hwinfo it was under aux




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  1. I mostly just ad a small fan to any overheating component.
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