Cpu Overheating when playing Overwatch

I just upgraded my cpu from amd (x4 860k) to intel (i5-6600). And I immediatly bought a new arctic i32 cooler after that. However when I play Overwatch my cpu starts overheating and my pc makes alot of noise. My Cpu degrees are 40-42 when idle and 50-58 when playing other games like Gta 5. When I start up Overwatch it starts with 43 degrees but during games it can get to 73. And after I close off overwatch my pc makes a sort of zooming sound like a mosquito. I find this kind off strange because I bought the cooler so that my pc could be more silent. Is there some way I can control the temps of my new fan?

pc specs:
I5-6600 3.3 ghz
MSI R9 380 4gb
H110M-H DDR3 LGA 11151
Kingston 8gb ddr3
Cooler Master 500w
Western Digital 1TB
Cooler: Arctic i32 freezer
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  1. what thermal paste do you have on your cpu and how old is it, make sure your cpu heatsink fan is spinning and that there is no dust build up on the heatsink.
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    Control of your cpu fan depends on utilities that your mobo came with. Provided that mobo your list is revision 1 (check which revision, the files and the support page will be different otherwise), here's the page with utility you need:
    It's called System Information Viewer and should allow you to control your cpu fan speed/temperature curve.

    From i32's page, it is a semi passive cooler. Meaning the fans start up only when you start really using the cpu like gaming or very intensive apps. Any cooler will have sound, you likely notice it more now because it starts up when your game starts up, and turns off and slows down when you close it down. You can talk to arctic about how to reduce this noise if possible.
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  3. 73c is fine, it's not overheating. What are your ambient room temps? The i32 I would expect performs similarly to the 212 evo or other budget 120mm fan coolers with 4 heat pipes. Not sure exactly how it works with the semi passive mode but if temps are under the threshold it deems necessary to engage the fan, it may allow slightly higher idle temps in passive mode then turn the fan on when needed. How fast the fan suddenly spins up or down could be cause for the odd noise.

    There should be a fan control section in the bios of the motherboard to set fan speed curves. Have you checked to make sure it's the cpu fan and not any other fan like the cooler on the gpu? When closing the game out the gpu will also suddenly slow down no longer having to work as hard.
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