MSI Z270 OC question

I know i could search the internet for this answer but i only really accept new updated answers from here, so heres my question.

I have:
I7 7700k CPU
Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR4 3200mhz (8gbx2)
MSI GTX 1060 X Gaming 6GB VR Ready
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B1, 80+ BRONZE 750W
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 2x 120mm PWM Fan
KINGSTON 240GB ssd now
Western Digital 750GB hdd 7200rpm
Windows 10 latest build

how much could i overclock the cpu to a stable 1080p ultra gaming rig?
im looking to play PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS in ultra detail at 1080p 60+ fps
i launched up PUBG and without an overclock im getting 40fps >_> csgo i get hundreds easy.
i know the game is still early access and bad optimisation is in play here the thing is this is an i7 >_< should be fine playing this game. i also play rust alot.

heres a list of games i play you can even add me on steam if you like and have time to play games with me.

overall i just want an enjoyable playing experiance with 60+ fps on all games, tempature is not much of a problem here my house is always shitting cold. (pardon my language.)
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    No one really know with the 7700k, really depends on the chip. Most people are deliding and replacing the TIM since intel did a really bad job of it and getting a drop of around 20*c max temp in some cases.

    If you get a bad chip, probably max speed will be 4.8Ghz. With a delid and tim replacement you could probably get 5.0-5.1GHz.

    Ive been thinking of doing a z270/7700k build this week but am going to hold off and see if the new coffee lake gets dropped next month.
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  2. yeah ive seen some people get around 5ghz but thats pretty huge numbers.
    if you decide to run a z270/7700k update me on your findings, a stable oc would be nice, i play vid games about 20/6 so yeah, i put my pc to work.
    do you even think that the default clock is good enough to run most games? or a slight oc should be in play?
    EDIT: is my standalone ssd good enough or should i get a m.2 ssd for the os and use my kingston for games? (thinking about updating to 500gb samsung 850 evo)
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